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Well, not "mine" exactly, but one that I'm working on.…

I work at (and helped form) a small start up game company that is made up of ex Activision crew.
We've done a lot of games for hire, but this is our first shot at doing something for us. Something
we want to play and make.

I've been doing concept art for some of the characters in the game.

any ways, if you have a sec, check it out, and pass on the word to anyone ya know that likes CCGs video games.

Thanks gang. You all Rule.
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Thanks gang, the game I'm working on passed it's steam green light this morning!…

While we got the votes, your all more than welcome to join the group still…

anyways, you guys rule, thanks again

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Welp, the game I've been working on is on steam greenlight.…

If you have a moment, check it out, and if it's your type of game, give her an upvote =)

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I'll have a table in Small Press K-08...I's the same place I was last year....

I'll have a new sketchbook, 80 pages of stuff, in manga size this time. 

Native Drums issue 5. The comic that won't die, is still alive. Issue 6 is already in motion. 

New prints as well

I'll also have the older sketchbooks

so swing by the table, say hi! bring ur friends! camp out, tell me what cool stuff you've seen, and ask me for a sketch.
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So I'm gonna give Patreon a go. I'll start kind of slow and see how it works out. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot with it =) (Smile) (thanks to seal, sui and aidenke for helping with that)

I haven't officially stated any goals, but the idea is, if there is enough interest, I can spend more time doing art, add videos, tutorials, etc.

Link is below, any support is greatly appreciated, even if it's just a fav on images here. It really keeps me going knowing that someone other than me is enjoying the output.
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been one of those months. I got crazy sick, for like 2 weeks solid, and then somewhere in there, I thought it was a good idea to upgrade some computer stuff and things are very hazy.......

This is partially to explain why I haven't been streaming for awhile, but more to sort out in my head what the heck I did to my poor trusty mac pro. feel free to ignore the rest of this.

The set up. A Mac Pro with 6 drives. 2 are in a raid for data, 2 are in a raid for timemachine, 1 is an SSD , and was my boot drive a year ago, the last is a PCI SSD that has been my boot drive over the last year.

The updates
I changed the PCI wifi(N) card with a new PCI wifi (AC) bluetooth card.
I updated the OS to the latest 10.10.2, this gave me an error with the nvidia web drivers. 

the machine became very unstable. lots of hard crashes. no matter what I did. Reseating the cards, moving PCI slots, running in safemode, re-install OS with a data restore from timemachine, pulling out the new wifi card, pram zaps, etc. Often the PCI SSD doesn't mount or show up. It behaves as if someone yanked out the PCI drive while its running. I removed the non working nvidia driver, deleted the unused kext, and still crashes. 

Fresh OS install, with OLD wifi card. still crashes. 

Booting from the year ago drive, the machine is stable (as long as the PCI drive is removed)

This would SEEM to point to it being the PCI SSD failing.....

Copied the data of the PCI Drive to a new SSD and swapped that in as the boot drive. Machine is more stable, but all sorts of odd behaviors with this drive and the NEW WiFi card. (beach balls a lot, blue tooth cuts in and out, long boot times, kernal panics) 

Which would seem to point to the new WiFi card as being an issue.....

I suppose I could have a conflict with the new WiFi card AND a hardware failure with the PCI SSD at the same time....but that seems REALLY unlikely.....but that seems to be the answer.....

I normally can track this stuff down , but this issue has been so slippery. It hasn't helped being in a sick haze while trying to fix it. Now that I feel better, I'm just getting frustrated with it. need a lake and a boat anchor at this rate.

Last thing to try. 

New drive, no pci drive, old wifi card, fresh OS install. Hand move data and apps over (instead of a restore or migration assistant) 

if THAT has an issue, then its time for a trip to the lake. 
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Just a minor core dump. 

There is that moment when you pause and look at your own art and think, what the hell am I doing. Am I still clawing at this wall? how many years has it been? 

Then I looked at the dA stat on my page. 10 years. good lord. That is a long haul. 

Well I'm not giving up. ONWARD! 

2014 was a heck of a year. I didn't get nearly done what I wanted, nor did I see the growth I wanted, but it had some really good high notes.

I have gotten back into drawing every day, and this was the year of streaming. I made some great new friends through the streams, and it has kept me from falling into the hole of not drawing. that is a dark hole friends.  

I also used manga studio and photoshop far more than before. Painter is still my old sidekick, but I've found just trying new apps has pushed me out of the rut that one can fall into that is set by the tools. 

I did almost no traditional work this year. I think thats a side effect of streaming so much. I'll have to correct that.  Need to get back to the copics and dip pens. 

I'm already getting info for San Diego Comic -Con 2015. yikes!
Every year I get punked by San Diego comic-con. At the last minute I stumble around trying to get stuff ready and never seem to have what I want done.

I am going to start getting ready now. no joke. its in July, but I want to have a load of new work for it. I'm thinking a new artbook, final issue of Native Drums (maybe a trade paper back of it all) and something new. Chuck has a new story idea that sounds freakin great. 
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Ape 2014

So this was the last Ape, at least the last run by Comic-Con. It was held at Fort Mason, which is on the water in San Francisco. It’s usually held at the concourse, but that is being torn down for a new condo.

Friday - swung into Last Gasp in the city for the pre show party. It’s always a blast to see the other vendors and friends, have some food and wander the funky isles of books that they sell. The office is filled with all sorts of oddities, old pinball machines, model kits, carnival posters, etc. Just a great place to chill with other artists.

Sat - Getting down to the con was easy, ended up parking on the wrong side of the lot though, so we ended up hoofing all the gear a lot further than normal. The new venue, Fort Mason, was actually pretty nice. Lots of light, it was cooler being on the water (it was a pretty warm day) and they brought in food trucks for lunch. (a huge plus, as there isn’t much in the way of food in walking distance) They also ran shuttles from Bart and Cal Trains which is nice.

The late afternoon did bring the sun deathray. I was lucky to not have a table in the direct path of the Riddick beam. Still, had a couple interactions with people that had to shade their eyes.

I got to talk to a lot of people about process and making comics. Always cool when you get to meet so many artists. 

Also got to catch up with a lot of people, ex co-workers, friends that I only see at cons, etc. Sui stopped by which was pretty damn cool. Few other people that I only know from dA came by, and some long time fans as well. Nina formerly from Tapastic swung by which was neat, also got to chat with Chelsey briefly. Just so much great energy (as cheesy as that sounds) from cool people. 

Sun - Farmers Market took over the main parking lot which made life difficult. The con was dead during the morning, but picked up as it got later. There was a fair in the castro, a music fest in the park, a bridge to bridge run, and another con running all on sunday. The city was crazy busy.

General observations - as the economy is turning around I saw a lot more demand for prints and less demand for comics.

Lot of small format sketchbooks with +$10 or more for cost, often in black and white. I should stop doing the comic format ones full color for $5 and do a smaller size, with more pages.

I gave away free buttons just in a pile on the table and that seemed to get some people to stop that would have walked past.

well that's about it. I had a great time, and will be doing the show next year when SLG takes it over.

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APE, the alternative press expo, is on Oct 4-5.

I got my table confirmation, and am racing to get junk ready for it. It's in a new location this year (Fort Mason)
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SOOOoooo. I draw and publish a comic book in my free time. It's called Native Drums. I'm on issue 5, and have been slow to sell them in any venue other than Ca comic-cons. 

I've started to sell them over my website (along with art books )…

and as of today issues one and two are up on comixology!
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SOooooo San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

 I have a table once again, and all of the crazy that goes with it! 

I'll be in the Small Press section, same place as last year, 17machine studios K-08
It's at the back of the hall in-between B1  and  B2. Those are giant letter numbers you'll see out front.
around isle number 5600 (giant banners that hang from the ceiling inside the hall) 

Swing by, say hi! Show me the cool stuff you've found while I was trapped in my 6foot by 3 foot cell. 

I'm also going to do a pass on my webstore (update coming soon! ) for peeps that can't/choose not to go to the largest most expensive cluster of fandom held on the west coast. 

I'll put up in the store prints/ new books, etc. 

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  • Listening to: slayer
  • Reading: spook country
  • Watching: heaven knows mr. allison
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I'll be at BigWow this weekend in San Jose with a table and some books. Swing by if your at the show. I'll be listed as 17machine studios. 
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Woot! another shipped game.
I did a lot of art in this one,
all the environments, lot of the UI, characters, character portraits.…
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No table this year, but just going to enjoy the show.

I think I'll try for a table next year. Doesn't look like Wonder-Con is coming back to SF so that leaves a hole in my con schedule =)

Next one for me (with a table) is BigWow in San Jose. I'll post more about that as it gets closer. 
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Worked on both, one more than the other.

I built all the levels, lot of the characters, lot of the ui, etc. 

Snowboarding game…
I did the icons and portraits. Sad Raccoon is even in there. 
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Well I must be doing something correct. 
my first time someone has stolen my work
to go make money! woot! O_o

thanks to the Los Angeles Renegades for
looking out for me. they rule! 


So I emailed the contact email and got
a "talk to our legal dept" response.

The have a FAQ on how to report a IP violation.
This required a PDF doc, signature, and proof of ownership.
Did that. (actually still have the original so I took 
a picture of it in front of the email on my screen)

Got a response that I needed to prove "you used the design in commerce prior to the start of the campaign"

So I sent proof of my comic-con booth from 2013 and the prints that are for sale. 

No response yet. 

Update 2

With no response I decided to get a lawyer involved,
I emailed them telling them that due to a lack of response
this was my next move.

They replied that I had not given enough proof of prior commerce.

I got home late, had a beer, and decided to jump through the hoop before giving it to the lawyer.
Having to proof that someone is doing something that they know is wrong made me feel like an idiot.

I took a picture of my artbook, 

took a picture of the book open with the copyright date. 

took a picture of the page in the book with the image.

found pictures of my table at the con (SDCC 2013) with the book and
displaying the table number and my company name. 

linked to the cons website with the table number and my company name 

found another photo of my set up at a different con (APE 2013) with the book. 

took a photo of an ad I took out in the cons guide book with the image and the table no. 

linked to the website showing that table number and my company name matched. 

no response, no, we are sorry, or, acknowledgement. nothing. Not even a boiler plate, it has been pulled.
This is how teespring treats artists, with contempt 
and with not a shred of respect. 

but the website was finally pulled. 

Well what a year. I'm sure you're being flooded with looks back, and I'm going to do my own just because...

Keeping just to the art side, it's been a pretty nice year. The video game biz has treated me well, working with a great bunch and shipping a couple iOS games. I got my first pro job in comics, a cover for Sonic Universe (variant for issue 60) and a follow up for Megaman. Seeing something I drew in Previews kind of blew my mind. 

The CA Con circuit (BigWow, SDCC, APE) treated me well. I got amazing feedback from Brian Stelfreeze, Terry Moore, and Eric Larsen. Sales where well enough to help pay for itself, and I managed to finish a new art collection and a new issue of Native Drums. 

We got a green light from Comixology, and started running on Tapastic.… so the digital front is moving. 

I'm pretty happy, I think this is a good launching platform for 2014. 

Happy New Year everyone! 


Issue one of Native Drums is up on Comixology. I feel like this comic book hobby thing is almost working for me! 

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APE 2013

So the con went pretty well. It's the last year for APE in the concourse, I hear its being torn down for condos. I think we all gave the building a good send off.

Overall the con was a hair slower for me this year than last. It might be due to me not being in full sales pitch mode(which I find sort of tiring), or that I just didn't have enough new stuff. Hard to say. 

There was a lot more "craft" stuff this year than previous. Knitting, sculpture, stuff like that. The quality of the vendors seemed higher than in any previous year that I've gone. Amazing to see how many people are doing comics. 

Friday I hit the last gasp party with Scott. It's an office/warehouse with all of their stock. Imagine a cozy old building with the most odd ball collection of circus posters, books and porn. your not even close. any ways. I saw "guide to troubled birds" which I am now kicking myself for not buying. It made me laugh so damn hard. Upon leaving we found John and Dawn (and a third guy that I can't remember his name for the life of me, but had made this amazing book that was 15 feet long) I know that sounds like a fevered dream….

I spent friday evening making a load out of stuff and packing it into my slightly crunching wrx. I did finally get another trunk cover so I can actually, leave stuff in the trunk without it being advertised. 

Sat morning it was off to the show, I read that the show floor opened to the public at 11. It takes me only 10 minutes to set up my booth, but being used to San Diego, and how the show floor really opens an hour earlier than they say, I was ready to go by 10! 

....and then I waited till 11. haha

Al Gordon swung by which is always cool. As did fellow workshop students, Kimo and Leno. Lot of co-workers and former co-workers swung by, and some returning supporters. There is a whole cast of characters that I tend to only see at cons. Ted, (Puma Press) Rachel (Poser ink), Emo, though no Cody this year. The list goes on and on. One of the cooler parts about doing the same shows. Also got to chat with one of the Tapastic guys. kinda neat. Chelsea came by with her book that she had wrote. no really, we are talking game of thrones size tome. It was only a year ago I was talking to her at the last APE and she was writing it. I wanted to do some sketches of her characters. So a year later, I didn't get a single sketch for her done, but she wrote a freaking epic. so darn cool.

Sunday was slow for me, but I had a good time. I got to run around a bit, drink some beers and take in the sights and the sales pitches. Didn't pick up a whole lot, but did get to chat with some of the gals who did smut peddler, along with other cool comics. Spike wins the award for most energy of anyone on the show floor. Kelly brought her sketchbook by my table which was really inspiring. There were so many cool interactions that I can't name em all. Did a hitgirl sketch, inked a page of native drums, sold some prints. all and all a great show. 

Next year the show is in Fort Mason, which should be exciting. I have got to get the ball rolling faster on some new projects! I've got some ideas....

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